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To submit an abstract:

Step 1: Enter Presenting Author and Abstract Category Preferences

The presenting author is the one to whom all communication regarding the abstract will be addressed. Complete the following information.

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Step 2: Sponsoring Member

If the Presenting Author (above) is not a CAOG member, this abstract must be sponsored by a CAOG sponsoring member.  The abstract submission is not complete without this sponsorship.

Enter the sponsor's name and information below:
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Step 3: Enter Conflict of Interest Information

a. Read the Conflict of Interest Statement below
To ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all presentations at the CAOG Annual Meeting, all authors of submitted abstracts must disclose any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of their presentation. This includes relationships with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers, or other corporations whose products or services are related to the subject matter of the presentation topic. This policy is not intended to prevent a presentation. It is merely intended to openly identify potential conflicts so the audiences may form their own judgments about the presentation with a full disclosure of the facts. 

The Presenting Author is responsible for the information and statement as outlined under Step 3 and must complete this form on behalf of all co-authors. Abstracts will not be considered for the program if you do not complete this information. 

b. Read the statement below and acknowledge your consent by placing a check in the box.
As the Presenting Author, I certify that all abstract authors have read the abstract conflict of interest/disclosure policy stated in this submission program. I understand that checking this box and the boxes below is considered an "electronic signature" and is equivalent to a paper signature. 

c. Check ONE of the following:
I have read the Conflict of Interest Statement above and certify that all the abstract authors have no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this abstract. 
I have read the Conflict of Interest Statement above and am disclosing that one or more of the abstract authors has a financial interest/arrangement or affiliation with one or more organizations that could be perceived as a real or apparent conflict of interest in the context of the subject of this abstract. Conflicts may include: grant/research support, consultant positions, speaker's bureau affiliations, being a major stock shareholder, or other financial or material support. 

d. Read the statements below and acknowledge your consent by placing a check in the box.
I hereby verify that I have the approval of all authors to submit this work for presentation; any animal studies conform with the "Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Animals" of the American Physiological Society and any human experimentation has been conducted according to a protocol approved by the institutional committee on ethics of human investigation or if no such committee exists, that it conforms with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association (CLINICAL RESEARCH 14:193, 1966). 

Step 4: Enter Author Names and Institutions

Institution:  To enter the institution(s) for this abstract,complete this portion of the form for each institution (up to four). Use the ID field of the Institution to complete the Authors table (below).

Hover over the grey box to display.

Step 5: Enter the Title of the Abstract

Titles should be entered in Title Case (the first letter of the first word, last word, and significant words are capitalized). The title will automatically be printed in bold type. 

Step 6: Enter the Body Text of the Abstract

The text of your abstract should be entered below. Data entry is case sensitive and will appear exactly as entered. The expected Abstract should not exceed 800 words.

Super-script and Sub-script are available using the following: <sup>super</sup> and <sub>sub</sub>.

Step 7: Submit Your Abstract Electronically by Monday, April 26, 2021, 11:59 p.m. CDT. (DATE EXTENDED: Submissions due May 24th.)

When your abstract is complete: 
  1. The Abstract will be displayed for you to view and print. Once submitted, you cannot edit the abstract again. Therefore, it is important to validate the content of your abstract (including spelling) before submitting. 
  2. Complete the Captcha (anti-spam) challenge below. Then click the Verify and Submit button to verify your submission via Captcha.
  3. Then click the Submit your Abstract to CAOG button that appears to post your abstract with CAOG.
  4. Print the abstract submission from the next page, and save for your files. A confirmation email will also be sent to you.

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